Lindsay Lohan Beach Club- Double Standard Sexism

First of all, I have to make a confession. One of my guilty pleasures is watching MTV reality shows like The Challenge and Ex on the Beach. The most recent show to catch my attention is Lindsay Lohan Beach Club. Apparently she is now a club owner in Athens and Mykonos, and the series focuses on the beach club. I have been watching the show from the beginning and am now three episodes in. If you haven’t seen it yet, the show is about Lindsay and her business partner Panos inviting Americans who work in the club scene to work as ambassadors to Lohan Beach House. Basically they are a hype crew who try to create a party ambience and increase sales on drinks, cabanas etc. Sometimes there responsibilities include serving one of the VIP guests at the club.

This is where things start to get weird, and I take issue. In episode 2, an older male client makes Ari hand-wash his feet and carry him around like a baby. Brent, one of the ambassadors, tells Ari not to do it and it’s beneath him. It was very odd, but the requests get worse. On the first episode Brent was assigned to work VIP Natasha’s Cabana, who is an Instagram model or whatever. The ambassadors are expected to do whatever is asked of them to keep the VIPs happy, which in this case included swimming with the guest and making out with her. While you never hear Lindsay or Panos tell Brent to kiss Natasha, they don’t say it’s inappropriate either. Cut to Episode 3 and guess who’s back again? That’s right- Natasha! She requests Brent and he isn’t having it because he is now in a relationship with Sarah and doesn’t want to feel pressured into making out with Natasha.

Maybe it was just Brent and his misunderstood what was required of him? Nope! Later in Episode 3 the Italian Models are the VIPs in the Cabana and three of the male ambassadors are assigned to them. They start their day by taking lots of shots and soon enough they are dancing and making out. Alex, who is gay, kisses one of the ladies and they grind on each other. He said it was his first time kissing a woman, and it wasn’t something he’d do naturally. I was kind of baffled by it all. If the roles were reversed and female ambassadors were put in this position, there would be an uproar. I can’t see Lindsay expecting the women to make out with men and dance suggestively for them, so why must the male ambassadors do it?

I don’t think this issue occurs solely in reality TV or Mykonos. I think that because men are often labeled as more sexual than women, many people assume the men enjoy prostituting themselves for these rich women, or that they brag about women treating them sexual objects. I beg to differ. I think men deserve the same respect as women and that their bodies are also sacred. I’m honestly disgusted by the way these make ambassadors are treated, which is basically like pieces of meat. I expected a lot more out of Lindsay, who claims to be such an enlightened being these days. We gotta do better than this my friends!

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think that these make ambassadors are pressured into getting too personal with the VIP guests? What would you think if the women were expected to do the same? (I guess we will see if that happens later in the season.) Do you think there is a double standard for men and women in regards to what their boundaries are with physical contact and strangers? Please share on the comments.

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